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Almost a miralcle!

Focuses the 20th century and the high lights of the world heritage sites (Old City Hall, Roman Porta, stone bridge)

groups (companies, clubs, tourists)

100€ for a group until 12 pers.

chocolate tasting possible

 75-90 min.
Regensburg in love HIStories 3 love stories from diff. ages, chocolate tast., group game

couples, private groups, tourists, hen night, wedding 

130€ for a group until 12 persons + chocolate

100€ for 1 or 2 couples incl. choc.

circ. 90 min. stories


Regensburg hop on, hop off!



guided tour using the city bus. Possible exits:cathedral, old city hall, Haidplatz Neupfarrplatz tourists, groups <7, esp. senior citizens and people with walk troubles  

90€ incl. busticket

60-75 min.