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Almost a miralcle!

Focuses the 20th century and the high lights of the world heritage sites (Old City Hall, Roman Porta, stone bridge)

groups (companies, clubs, tourists)

100€ for a group until 12 pers.

chocolate tasting possible

 75-90 min.
Regensburg in love HIStories 3 love stories from diff. ages, chocolate tast., group game

couples, private groups, tourists, hen night, wedding 

125€ for a group until 12 persons + chocolate

90€ for 1 or 2 couples incl. choc.

circ. 90 min. stories


Regensburg hop on, hop off!



guided tour using the city bus. Possible exits:cathedral, old city hall, Haidplatz Neupfarrplatz tourists, groups <7, esp. senior citizens and people with walk troubles  

90€ incl. busticket

60-75 min.

Regensburg briefly

guided tour round the old bridge, the salt store, porta praetoria
groups in a hurry, also fitting for highheels

100€ until 20 p.

ca. 45 min.

Indiana Jones on a treasure hunt! 


archaeology in Regensburg, we are also looking for hidden things, dig up things and what about the real Indiana Jones?

for children, classes, birthdays 



on demand


also for teens!

 2 - 2,5 Std.

Treasure rallye


special event for adults!

legend of a treasure, division of the group. One part is joining me while the others are searching. 

birthdays, company event, going-away-party

depending on the number of participants, starting from 170€.



 120-150 min.